Survival Firefighter Run Walloon Brabant 2017
The Union Provinciale des Sapeurs-Pompiers du Brabant Wallon (provincial union of fire fighters of Walloon Brabant) organizes, in partnership with the emergency rescue zone Walloon Brabant, its very first international competition for fire fighters.
The CTIF, also known as the “International Association of Fire and Rescue Service” was founded in 1900 for encouraging and promoting the cooperation between fire fighters and experts in fire and rescue throughout the world. Meanwhile the organization has 36 member countries, as well as some 50 members from the private and public sector. They organize international conferences and competitions, they contribute to the development of the youth fire brigades and they develop comprehensive world fire statistics.
In case of a heavy thunderstorm it is possible that an emergency centre 112/100 exceptionally and despite the reinforcement of the operator teams, cannot treat all calls. Therefore follow the instructions below:
The new website of the Directorate-General Civil Security of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs has been online since 22 April 2014.


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