New website for the emergency number 112

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Steven Vermeulen


Will you call 112 if you are locked outside? What to do if you cannot reach the emergency number? What's the best way to ask for help in case of storm? From today onwards, you can find all the answers to these questions and so many more on the updated website  With this modernized, user-friendly website, the government wants to make sure that everyone knows the 112 emergency number and how to find the fastest help in various emergency situations.

When you are in need of help, panic or stress can sometimes overwhelm you.  In these moments, thinking clearly can be hard even though it is precisely when you need to act quickly and make decisions. The FPS Interior has therefore redesigned its website, so that everyone can find the right information at any time, with just a few clicks. Not only does the website tell you when to call 112 and 101 and when not to, but you can also find other emergency numbers, such as 1722, for non-emergency firefighting assistance, and 1712, for reporting violence and abuse. On the website, you can also find out how to download and use the 112 application on your smartphone.

"In case of emergency, every second counts," said Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden. "With the 112 app and this new website, we want to make sure that citizens find quickly and easily the right way to get help, and that the 112 and 101 emergency numbers aren't overloaded with calls which they were not intended for."